Wellness and beauty during Covid


During Covid we have all found ourselves stuck, stressed and overwhelmed. Not being able to do anything, go out and if you’re a parent and a key worker like me overworked with kids and juggling everything at home. One of the ways I had found to cope, aside from excercise and fitness, was practising self care whenever I got the chance, as we all became so aware of the need for self love, wellness and good health for our overall wellbeing.

After a long day at work or busy indoors with the kids or just being at home stressing out because of the climate, was using my sanctuary face wash. My skin gets quite dry and darl. Using this face wash has been so amazing, not only does it leave my skin moisturised, clean and refreshed but a little of it in your hands goes a long way.

I would recommend it as I am a repeat user. It smells great and gets all the dirt off your face and it is also very affordable for the work it does. Click on the link above, try it for yourself and you get free delivery too 🙂


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