Product pick of the week *RXRENXIA Horizontal Bar* #Covid essentials

The product of the week for us this week is this RXRENIA horizontal bar. We cannot recomment this enough when it comes to mantaining a fit and healthy excercise regime at home while gym are yet to open or just simply for some days when you feel like doing your fitness excercises at home…This product or excercise equipmet is great for excercising your triceps, while working out your stomach area and building up your core strength.

It is also great for pull-ups, sit-ups and shoulder movements. It is a high strength steel and can take up to 300 pounds of weight.

Check our website to see instructions on how to use this and you can also follow our social media pages, links at the bottom of our website to follow our fitness journey and how these products work great for us and help maintain a good fitness, healthy, wellness and beauty journey.

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